Author: Dr. Kong

Body fluid – Just like the earth

Body fluid – just like the earth, 70% of our body consists of water.

That’s why our body is called miniature universe.

Three organs control three major body fluids.

1. Tear – Either excessive tears or dry eyes are caused by unbalancing the liver. To harmonize the function of the tears, we need to take more sour taste which boosts the live function.Wu wei zi, red bean, Chinese quince, jue ming zi, shan zu yu will help for malfunctioning of tears.
2. Sweat – It is controlled by the heart.
Excessive sweat or lack of sweat, all of them are caused by the heart imbalance with other organs
To notify the heart, taking grape fruit and ginkgo are recommended.
3. Facial oil – Oily face especially toward afternoon, yellow under shirts and underwear.
Lots of people experience it.
It’s mainly due to imbalance of the stomach.


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