Author: Dr. Kong

Four needle technique for back pain.

Four needle technique for back pain

Briefly, We can list 10 types of back pain

1. Lung deficient type: Back warps like a bow so it’s normally bent forward
2. Gall bladder deficient type: Feel sharp pain through the skin. It’s hard to turn your body around
3. Urinary bladder deficient type: Neck and upper back is very stiff and tensed. you may feel heaviness.
4. Urinary bladder excess type: Side of the neck and spine will hurt most of the time, and back feels like it is being pulled from opposite side.
5. Stomach type: It could get worse when lying down and can’t turn your body.
6. Kidney type: Dull achey type of pain consistently, and it could be worse in the morning with fatigue.
7. Large intestine type: There’s a big knot around the neck and muscle and the bone hurt
8. Liver deficient type: Can’t straighten the back and middle of the spine is hurting.
9. Spleen deficient type: Very severe back pain, and can’t even sit for long
10. Spleen excess type: It feels like there’s a solid board on the back and could leak urine at times.


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