Author: Dr. Kong


Feeling stress?

Maybe you have been receiving lots of bad news notifications on your social media accounts, and you feel the flow of your vital energy is affected.That is because stress does not just ruin your mood; it can make you anxious, you start feeling unwell. But you have a better option: start choosing a better path to wellness. Embrace the wonders that acupuncture can do to your mind and body.

So, instead of complaining, you need to relax. You deserve to ease your pain. And you can get professional treatmentat Holistic Medical, where acupuncturists are licensed and certified in NYS. Stress is out. The calming effect of acupuncture is in. Restore your energy, and balance everything.At Holistic Medical, it is always about helping you to live a happy life.

What about extending that happiness to someone else’s life?

A new member of a family adds happiness to couples. No question about it.Acupuncture can increase your chance of conceiving a child. If fertility is a sensitive issue to you and you need to know how acupuncture helps, then feel free to visit any of its three centers here https://acuptnyc.com/index.html#contact

Holistic Medical will not only give you professional but holistic therapies to restore your well-being.

What other benefits that can acupuncture do to you?

If you are looking for weight loss treatment to live your life to its fullest, then you are ready to experience Cavitation machine, medical thermotherapy, and organic herbal remedies. Yes, you read it correctly! Weight loss acupuncture can increase your metabolism and decrease your appetite so you can look your best.

Do you want a rejuvenated face? Acupuncture can do it. Appreciate the result and look at yourself more positively. Your acupuncturists will not just identify your pains; they will find out the root cause and know your outward symptoms.

If you can’t concentrate on your reports because of your headache, or you can’t have a good night sleep because of your neck pain, find out how hands-on physical therapy at Holistic Medical can relieve you of your pain.

Don’t disregard your pain. You may think that swollen tendon is not worth seeking medical treatment, but it can be very painful if left untreated. People who have pinched nerves feel so helpless, and they are in great pain. Do you know any of your loved ones who may be experiencing this?

Pain is more than physical. It goes deeper. People who have Multiple Sclerosis, bulging or herniated disc experience lower self-esteem, too.

Feel the wonders of acupuncture. Feel how the endorphins give you the relief you need so you can go back to restoring your normal, healthy lifestyle.

Whatever pain it is, rest assured that you can cured because there is 48th St Holistic Medical ready to give you the treatment you need.

Acupuncture is not ancient. It is what people seek whenever they need the most effective way of easing their pains. Professional and holistic.


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